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Specialization InDesigner Lights
Slamp creates, produces and industrializes modern lamps which furnish the ambient as well as generating a luminous and seductive atmosphere. The design is in the hands of the best international designers and of Slamp’s Art Director Nigel Coates, architect from London. Together we drew up the value scheme of the brand, redesigned the product portfolio and put together a team of young, hyper-energetic creators full of new proposals. Slamp\'s most distinguishing aspect both in the past and present is its uniqueness. A Slamp is a lamp that you always recognize! Maintaining the highest creativity but outlining a young, innovative, accessible and glamour style. Slamp invest very much on internal resources involving them in to a continuous cultural push. Slamp’s product range has been developed, coherently with values, and their distribution network is considerably enlarging. The new line of Slamp Catalogs comes from the observation of the natural world and goes hand in hand with the mood of the new collections of products.

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  • BAC Floor Lamp XXL
  • BACH table lamp S

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Luxe Interio - A premier interior destination has been established to provide a 360 degree experience to connoisseurs who seek and appreciate the finest things in life. We have a well known and established presence in the Exim domain, with a decade of experience in exporting specialist products like domestic and industrial heat radiators from India to the European markets. Now, motivated by the urge to bring the best of European chic', style and quality to India, in the realm of home/office/corporate/hotels/projects interiors.

We have the 'A to Z' of exactly what is needed to make a space speak!

The plethora of choices in decor, furnishings, lighting and bric-a-brac accessories et al available here from the best European and Indian brands is breathtaking. Everything which is required to make a space picture perfect can be picked up at Luxe Interio, which stocks only the best of the best.


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