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Specialization In100% Wood Furniture
STILEMA srl was founded in year 1950 by Mr. Antonio Alessandrini, when it was just a Craftsman Workshop devoted to Fine Wooden Furniture manufacturing, according the artistic ancient tradition of his Region Marche; home land where had been living famous excellent Artists such as the painters and architects Raffaello Sanzio, Giotto, Piero della Francesca and the musician Gioacchino Rossini. More than 50 workmanlike years More than 50 years of passion have been transformed a craftsman workshop into a leader manufacturing factory which nowadays produces everlasting original design and top quality furniture. Stilema Brand can be easily distinguished for its peculiar Styles which take inspiration from its city of Urbino , historic cradle of Renaissance Arts and dynamic, charismatic, generous land where the strong traditions give life to the excellence of the new up-to-date creations . Stilema produces masterpieces, because it has inherited the artistic vein of the famous ancient craftsmen who made noble and prestigious the architecture and interior design of the awesome castles and wonderful palaces of the enchanting Montefeltro hills. Cradle of Renaissance Stilema is at a time expression of the Urbino famous craftsmen’s art and guarantee of Italian quality and fashion. Its Furniture Collections gives vibrant emotions because they have inherited virtues and skills of the ancient artist and craftsmen’s working methods. The ancient classical time splendor come to life again in the original rare and precious wooden inlays, handmade diamond shape works and dovetail junction, which characterize Stilema. 100% MADE IN ITALY Stilema has been transmitting the genuine Italian History for more than 50 years. 100% Made in Italy Stilema furniture guarantee quality and respect of the original Italian traditions. The Company use only first choice wood and materials worked with the most refined techniques for producing furniture. Stilema select the best woods from organic forests which are entirely processed in Italy, according to the severe high quality controls, to guarantee everlasting beauty and solidity of the furniture.

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  • Stilema Dinning Set Tropez 138
  • Torpez ST5

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