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Specialization InTables, Chairs, Sofas, Room Dividers, Benches and Bookshelves

PIRWI was founded in 2007 in Mexico City thanks to the entrepreneurial initiative of a group of young Mexican designers. Initially a small laboratory, Pirwi began producing prototypes and limited series that quickly developed into the broad collection with over one hundred products you see today.

We are happy to launch now these new pieces, including designs by Cecilia León de la Barra and Ricardo Casas, two new personalities in the brand’s lineup. The new products complement our collection of tables, chairs, sofas, room dividers, benches and bookshelves. The result of a delicate balance between precision technology and the handwork of skilled artisans, our products are manufactured with wood from sustainably managed forests, finished with biodegradable sealers and assembled with natural adhesives, dry joints and seams in rope. For Pirwi, sustainability and design are essential factors in improving our collective processes of production and consumption. With this in mind, some products were designed to be disassembled and recycled when ready to begin a new life cycle, thus encouraging sustainability as a social process and allowing the end user to partake in our philosophy.

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  • Jam Stool
  • Knit Chair

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