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The firm of Porcellane Villari was established in the late 1960s. Cesare and Silvia themselves mould the models and prototypes, which are then faithfully reproduced by their talented team. Many of their works are Capodimonte reproductions – some of the finest in the wolrd – and this activity gives them a well deserved place among the greatest exponents of the art of Italian Porcelain.

One of the factors that has brought success and international prestige to Porcellane Villari is of course the great artistic and technical skills evident in their original creations. Quality, too, is an undeniable feature of Porcellane Villari and a constant concern in the development and philosophy of the firm. These are the factors which lie behind the pieces they produce from day to day. Their work is not inspired exclusively by Capodimonte Porcelain, but also by the Italian Baroque style evident. The range of Villari’s production is very wide, including statuettes, sweet dishes, fountains, chandeliers and lamps complete with lampshades. The latter are made entirely by hand using silks and precious embroideries. The Villari Collections also include some limited editions, for example of animals and reproductions of celebrated works of art. These are the result of many hours of patient craftsmanship, modeling a noble material to achieve a finished product of the very highest standard. Exported worldwide, Porcellane Villari items are easily recognizable by their attention to detail and refinement. Prestigious art effects, they will always be admired for the history and tradition they embody.

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