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Specialization InBathroom Accessories, Candle Holders, Table top and Trays
ROOM SRL specializes in the production of bathroom accessories, candle holders, table top and trays made out of Italian stones. A variety of product ranges have been developed using different kinds of stone namely Pietra Di Lecce (Lecce Stone), Slate (Black Stone) or Alabaster (Volterra stone) Lecce stone is a calcareous stone known for its ductility, which makes it suitable for designing innovatively shaped articles. A contemporary range of accessories has been developed by ROOM SRL using this stone with a careful choice of blocks, the simplicity and pureness of shapes enhancing its beauty. Slate has been used since ancient times by Romans but still remains an uncommon stone to be used because of its typical gray-black colour . A stunning range of accessories in slate designed by ROOM SRL characterized by the inherent elegance of the material and highlighted by the simplistic forms and linearity of design. Alabaster’s features make it a truly unique stone. This fragile and delicate looking transparent stone was used by ancient Egyptians. A beautiful range of products from ROOM SRL in alabaster enhance the quality of any space where used.

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Luxe Interio - A premier interior destination has been established to provide a 360 degree experience to connoisseurs who seek and appreciate the finest things in life. We have a well known and established presence in the Exim domain, with a decade of experience in exporting specialist products like domestic and industrial heat radiators from India to the European markets. Now, motivated by the urge to bring the best of European chic', style and quality to India, in the realm of home/office/corporate/hotels/projects interiors.

We have the 'A to Z' of exactly what is needed to make a space speak!

The plethora of choices in decor, furnishings, lighting and bric-a-brac accessories et al available here from the best European and Indian brands is breathtaking. Everything which is required to make a space picture perfect can be picked up at Luxe Interio, which stocks only the best of the best.


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